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Body Worn Camera Program
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The West Deptford Police Department has been utilizing Body Worn Cameras (BWC’s) in our daily law enforcement functions since 2016.  We were previously in compliance with New Jersey Attorney General Directive 2015-1, which governed the use of BWC’s, and we are also in compliance with the recently revised and updated Attorney General’s Directive 2021-5. 

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As part of that directive, we want to remind the public that all of our uniformed patrol officers, School Resource Officer, and Class III officers utilize BWC’s. 
The West Deptford Police Department currently utilizes the Axon “Body 3” camera, affixed to the front of an officer’s outer vest carrier or outermost garment. These photographs depict the Body 3 camera and how it is worn on a uniformed patrol officer. If anyone should have any questions or concerns regarding our Body Worn Cameras, please contact Chief John Chambers at 856-853-4599 Ext. 157.

West Deptford Straight to Treatment WDPDStraight to Treatment Program

The West Deptford Police Department and the Gloucester County office have partnered to introduce the "Straight to Treatment" program. 
This program will allow anyone who is struggling with addiction to enter the West Deptford Police Department every Thursday from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and meet with a licensed addiction specialist who will assist them with entering into a treatment program.  
A person can take this opportunity to turn over any drugs or paraphernalia without fear of arrest.
The individual will be initially screened and then meet with a licensed addiction specialist who would initiate a treatment plan.
Depending on the individual's needs, they could be placed in detox, inpatient residential treatment, or an outpatient program. The addiction specialist will work with the individual and utilize their insurance to get them into treatment. If they do not have insurance or need some additional funding outside of their insurance coverage, the addiction specialist will attempt to secure additional funding.